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The Zenni Method

The Zenni Method is based on the electrostimulation by currents - known as Bernard currents
Viktor Żenni uses the same device that the physical therapeutics do, but he has modified the whole method and the device as well. He applies one of the electrodes to the backbone and the other to the patient's head, with exact placement depending on a kind of disease. The healer claims that this way the diadynamic currents stimulate the nervous system and thus cause enhanced activity of the organism resulting in therapeutic effects.
The Bernard currents, alternatively called Diadynamic Currents, bear low frequency and have been applied in physical therapy for ages. Changing modulation and/or breaks in transmission according to proper timing one can obtain various qualities, such as analgesic, widening the blood vessels or decreasing skeletal muscle tension. Owing to such properties, the currents are often utilized in treatment of neuralgia, peripheral blood transmission problems and injuries of joints, muscles and tendons. Until the new development, however, the method was only applied to the affected areas.

How does the therapy work?

Two electrodes are placed on the patients forehead and neck, then respectively on the top of the head and lower back. The currents are applied for approximately 40 minutes. The direction of current flow, its potential and type of wave is adjusted to suit an individual person and particular health problem.
There are many possibilities of stimulation, some more affective than others. The Zenni Method uses the most effective and safe combination of all of these factors.

About Viktor

Viktor came upon the idea in 1987, during his stay in Australia. He used to work in a library there and having had much time for free reading, he noticed a book by an American neurosurgeon Richard Bergian devoted to brain functioning. The subject involved him and so a deeper search was started...Read more


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