The Zenni Method | Treatment for Thyroid Ailments & Morbus Basedov

We specialise in the therapeutic treatment of Graves-Basedow disease. Our therapy offers clients an alternative to necessary operations where no neoplastic changes have occurred in the thyroid.

The essence of the method is to apply the so-called Bernard currents which are, to express it in a simple way, weak electric currents emitted by a special device that has been know for a long time. The current is supplied to the patient through electrodes. Treatment is not at all painful and takes just about 40 minutes.
"I have developed this method during my emigration in Western Australia, with several hundreds of people having taken advantage of the invention there. Announcements about results hit first pages of several newspapers. When I returned to Poland, I started to popularize the method here as well.
It can be used in treating cerebral palsy, too. I have to admit, however, that not all possible applications of the method have been thoroughly studied yet, with some doctors currently investigating the data." - Viktor Zenni

The Zenni Method

The essence of the Zenni Method is the application of Bernard currents, which are in simple terms, weak electric currents that are emitted by our specialist device.
The Bernard currents stimulate the cerebral system and adjust hormonal balance.

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We are proud to share these stories of success with you. Our current and past patients are our best testimony to the work that we do, and the results we achieve.


Viktor has authored a number of articles that relate to the Zenni Method of therapy. These articles relate to Parkinson's disease, Asthma, Thyroid conditions, Morbus Basedov and Cerebral Palsy.
Viktor is constantly adding to this invaluable library of knowledge.

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About Viktor

Viktor came upon the idea in 1987, during his stay in Australia. He used to work in a library there and having had much time for free reading, he noticed a book by an American neurosurgeon Richard Bergian devoted to brain functioning. The subject involved him and so a deeper search was started...Read more


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