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Here are the press articles related to Mr Zenni's method of treatment of thyroid, the cerebral palsy and other diseases. Most of them are translated from Polish to English.

Thrombosis Cured! | Viktor Zenni

Thrombosis Cured!

Electrostimulation using the Zenni method works.
- If further cases confirm its efficiency we will deal with a new achievement equivalent to the discovery of penicillin” – dr Woronko, claims.

Thrombosis cured – doctors have stated after performing tests on a patient the case of whom have interested many people. The said case is described below:
- “After a laser depilation of my calf in the area of a varicose vein, I experienced an enormous pain which disenabled walking, caused swelling of my leg and skin colour changes. A surgeon diagnosed a vein inflammation and after a couple of days thrombosis. He found a clot which endangered my health. Successive consultations confirmed the diagnose and apart from medical drugs I was recommended for a surgery in order to remove the whole vein – therefore, also to remove the varicose vein and dangerous clot, hence the thrombosis itself. However, in the meantime (while waiting for the surgery) I started the Zenni method’s electrostimulation treatment – at first because of Hashimoto. This treatment brought a substantial improvement to my health. The TSH test results standardised, my eye sight improved, but most of all my leg-related problems ceased. After 7 stimulations I performed a Doppler test and it turned out that the clot and thrombosis disappeared and the leg surgery is no longer needed” – says Mrs Barbara Sobala.

- “Undoubtedly, results of the Doppler test on this patient proves absence of the clot detected earlier on in such a test, hence confirm curing of thrombosis” – dr Szymon Woronko comments.

- “In case of the Zenni method treatment, auto-regulatory processes are launched in the body. This is an extremely promising method which gives high hopes both to doctors and patients in respect of treating a difficult illness such as varicose vessels. If further cases confirm its effectiveness, we will deal with a new achievement equivalent to the discovery of penicillin” – dr Woronko states.

- “This is not the only case of curing the thrombosis using Zenni method’s electrostimulation” – its inventor, Victor Zenni, informs.

Another case is described by Mrs Teresa from Gdynia.
- “After leaving the hospital I underwent an intensive treatment for pulmonary micro-thromoboembolism involving the lower left limb thrombosis, I took medical drugs and was subject to Zenni’s electrostimulation.
After a dozen of interventions my health condition substantially improved, which was confirmed by the results of tests carried out.
Two thyroid nodules disintegrated, hormones’ level standardised and, most importantly, the thrombosis was cured.

The Doppler test indicated that the deep and superficial venous systems of lower limbs features no thrombosis changes.”

More about the thrombosis:

Thrombosis is a medical condition connected with the occurrence of deep veins thrombosis.

- “Hitherto, the most renown and applied thrombosis treatment was based on surgery, hence an invasive treatment which does not always guarantee full curing so full disappearance of thrombosis, as well as on pharmacology which brings the risk of complications, such as abruption of the clot lysed and, as a consequence, may lead to a cerebral crysis or LRT infarction. However, it needs to be treated” – dr Woronko informs.

- “The thrombosis takes place due to disorder of blood coagulability, co-existing with the inflammation of vessel’s walls occurring due to the infection of bacteria, fungus, viruses, or through mechanical acts such as a punch, compression, high temperature. If the body suffers from a chronic inflammation the readiness for faster coagulation increases which may lead to a clot, especially in case of limbs arrest and insufficient body rehydration. Therefore, it is extremely important to drink fluids and move the legs during longer travels” – dr Szymon Woronko warns.

- “Persons who not only travel long or frequently are vulnerable to thrombosis, but most of all people overweight, with diabetes, with a disturbed carbohydrate metabolism and cholesterol [...]

Interview with Viktor Żenni – inventor of the Zenni Method –

about electrostimulation and its effects

* Zenni method’s electrostimulation raises more and more interest of both patients and doctors. How long has the Zenni method been used?

- “I worked over this invention in Australia for 20 years. I patented it in 1990 in the Australian patent office. In Australia, this method has been used for 20 years, and in Poland for 13 years.”

* What is the Zenni method’s electrostimulation?

- “This is an innovative use of the Bernard currents which have been known for over 60 years and recognised by the academic medicine and applied in physiotherapy practices in many countries. This method is based on the application of a combination of diadynamic currents and galvanic currents to stimulate the patient’s internal vessels.”

* Is the Zenni method’s electrostimulation a safe therapy?

- “Yes, it is safe for the patient and pain-free. Bernard currents have been recognised not only by the academic medicine but most importantly they were verified. The apparatus used for electrostimulations holds the EU safety certificate for medical devices.”

* What effects of using the Zenni method can be currently referred to?

- “Even though the possibilities of the Zenni Method are not fully recognised, as all the time it turns out that it is effective in variable medical conditions, patients avoid surgery and pharmacologic treatment of many illnesses. Hitherto, hundreds of patients avoided surgery”.

* In what medical conditions is the Zenni method’s electrostimulation effective?
- “Its effectiveness is confirmed by the medical documentation. Zenni method’s electrostimulation regulates the thyroid activity and hormones levels, decreases hypertrophic lobes and eliminates nodules; it treats the Graves-Basedow illness substantially decreasing the illness-accompanying proptosis (even by 70% or more) and accompanying bad symptoms; it stimulates the brain treating paralysis after strokes, overcomes the child’s brain demage, overcomes depression, suicidal thoughts, neurosis; it treats thyroid inflammation, stomach ulcers, bladder and kidneys inflammations, eliminates cysts; treats vein-related diseases, thrombosis, degeneration, and back pain”.

* How does it work?
- “The Zenni Method, using electrostimulations, activates the body’s immune powers, so it activates the patient’s immune system and makes the disease to resolve, as well as eliminates its cause. That is why it has an omniscient application. Its amazing features have been proven by cases supported by the medical documentation, such as ultrasound, mammography, blood analyses results. According to them, after the electrostimulation nodules, cysts, and swellings decrease or even disappear, and the level of hormones and antibodies standardises. Recently it turned out that after the electrostimulation of sinus frontalis the body overcame the Staphylococcus aureus by itself.
Women with the Hashimoto illness, hypothyroid who have problems with getting pregnant, are pregnant right now, and some of them already gave birth.”

- Mrs Maria W. from Milicz: “(...) I have been ill for 8 years for Hashimoto and hypothyroid. After 2 electrostimulations my menstruation started to be regular, my complexion and state-of-being improved, and TSH results substantially improved. But what is more important for me – I finally was able to get pregnant (...)”
- Mrs Anna s. from Warsaw: (...) I had a liver nodule of 34x26x40mm which vanished after 6 electrostimulations. Also, the 14mm-diameter kidney cyst disappeared after 4 electrostimulations. I managed to avoid surgery (...)”
- Mrs Dorota W. from Warsaw: “(...) For many years now I have been coping with the Graves-Basedow illness. Already, after the first stimulation I felt a substantial improvement and relief, and after successive ones – my eyes retracted by 90%. During sleep they were not open any more, I could see better, and the pressure and pain vanished together with the redness. I am a sceptical person and was subjected to this method without much faith, as no other hitherto treatment brought any effects (...)”
- Mrs Anna B. from Lublin: “(...) After 4 stimulations I made a control ultrasound test based on which it was visible that the thyroid lobes decreased and are within the standard limits, and 2 lumps in the right lobe vanished and 3 decreased (one by 3mm and the other by 7mm). Out of four lumps in the left lobe, only one remained (...)”
- Mrs Anna W. from Białystok: “(...) Since a couple of years I had enlarging cysts and lumps. The thyroid cyst of 3.2cm, decreased after two stimulations to 1.8cm. The doctor stated that surgery is no longer needed (...)”
- Elżbieta K. from Wrocław: “(...) For many years know I have the Graves-Basedow illness which did not want to remit. After 6 stimulations the eye proptosis retracted, eyes regained their movement, condition of hair (now they are thick) and nails (which finally started to grow and are stronger) improved. Also, my face outlook improved and the swelling disappeared (...)”.

Victor Żenni has 7 units in Poland.
Information about the therapy and training are available at To sign up: Victor Żenni – Doctor of Science, Colombo University, mobile phone: 0 603 88 78 68.

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