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Here are the press articles related to Mr Zenni's method of treatment of thyroid, the cerebral palsy and other diseases. Most of them are translated from Polish to English.

Electrostimulation method by Victor Żenni | Viktor Zenni

Electrostimulation method by Victor Żenni

(from: The World Unknown, Count of Polish healers; by Dorota Górska)

He came upon the idea in 1987, during his stay in Australia. He used to work in a library there and having had much time for free reading, he noticed a book by an American neurosurgeon Richard Bergian devoted to brain functioning. The subject involved him and so a deeper search was started.
One of the first bits of information he acquired was that a key role in controlling basic bodily processes was played by hypothalamus, converting electrical impulses produced by the brain into hormonal information forwarded to other parts of the body. Victor Żenni’s idea was to provide proper electrical stimuli in order to improve performance of processes acting between brain and the endocrine glands, thus improving functioning of particular organs as well. Having studied at a technical university during some period in the past, he approached the challenge in a technical manner, employing medical devices emitting the so-called Bernard currents.

The Bernard currents

...alternatively called diadynamic currents bear low frequency and have been applied in physical therapy for ages. Changing modulation and/or breaks in transmission according to proper timing one can obtain various qualities, such as analgesic, widening the blood vessels or decreasing skeletal muscle tension. Owing to such properties, the currents are often utilized in treatment of neuralgia, peripheral blood transmission problems and injuries of joints, muscles and tendons. Until the new development, however, the method was only applied to the affected areas.

Victor Żenni uses the same device that the physical therapeutics do, but he has modified the whole method and the device as well. He applies one of the electrodes to the backbone and the other to the patient’s head, with exact placement depending on a kind of disease. The healer claims that this way the diadynamic currents stimulate the nervous system and thus cause enhanced activity of the organism resulting in therapeutic effects.
First he tested the influence of electric current on himself, and after recovering from backbone pains he decided to expand the testing field, helping his relatives first, and then moving to other Australia-based volunteers with various health problems. The results provided ground for optimism, and as the numbers of patients soared, he acquired more and more experience. He decided his method to be called the ‘Zenni method’.
Subtle action of electric current stimulates the organism which then turns to its own powers, acting like a stimuli releasing a chain reaction and forcing the organism to defend itself. Effects are visible after just a few therapeutic session, while improvement is often recognized by a patient after the first session ever.
Striking successes of doctor Żenni inlude cases of cerebral palsy. He was always deeply affected by the suffering of small patients, so he strove to determine if his method could be helpful. The results proved positive in spite of severe cases the healer had dealt with. Here are a few examples.

A daughter of Joanna K. was to undergo an operation to cut her tendons in order to alleviate contracture of limbs, as a three-year-long rehabilitation had not helped. Electrostimulation sessions made the operation unneeded and the child’s manual skills improved to a great extent.In case of small Karolina, the doctors’ opinion was that nothing could have been done. The girl had breathing problems since right after her birth and in spite medical intervention her brain had to function on insufficient oxygen for several hours. She spent three months connected to a respirator and was soon found not to have developed sucking reflex, which indicated a clear case of cerebral palsy.
The baby was without tone and did not move its limbs nor head at all. During her first few years all the girl did was lie and cry. She ate little as she was unable to swallow and constantly caught various childhood diseases. Moreover, she started suffering from epileptic seizures.
Her mother immediately contacted Dr Żenni when she got to know about the availability of therapy. After a few sessions, Karolina started swallowing food and also learned to drink on her own. Currently, she can concentrate and observe the surroundings and she understands what is said to her. The epileptic seizures are gone, too.

The results in children with less severe cerebral palsy are visible relatively fast. For instance improvement in the condition of a five-year-old Kasia was recorded after her third session, with the girl’s motor skills enhanced up to the point of her running across the lawn after the fourth session was finished. Likewise, a three-year-old Ola improved her speech In just three sessions.
Electrostimulation proves extremely efficient in elderly people affected with Parkinson disease as well, bringing about considerable alleviation of symptoms such as limb trembling and leaving the patients feeling better than after conventional therapy. The results of electrostimulation in neurological diseases is very important indeed, even more so as those diseases are often hard to treat. But the method proves its efficiency in dealing with thyroid problems, including Basedow disease related to malfunctioning of the gland as well.

Barbara J. developed the disease in spring 2001. In spite of constant medication she still felt unstable, with anxiety, depressive moods and chronic tiredness. Painful protrusion of the eyeballs added to the problem. Taking cortisone did not help much and resulted in terrible swelling. The woman no longer believed she could be cured, as many doctors were unable to help her. When she got to know about Zenni method, she traveled to try it out more out of despair than in belief of real improvement. Nevertheless, the electrostimulation sessions helped her and currently she is recovering, with the eyes being much less painful and all the diagnostic test results indicating improvement.

Joanna K. suffered from hypothyroidism. The medication she was on only forced her to increase the doses of drugs she was taking with no apparent effect. Three years of the treatment made her gain 30kg of weight, which resulted in her becoming languid and depressed, with no more will to live. But three electrostimulation sessions were enough for her TSH hormone to return to normal level.
The thyroid of Alina C. was swollen so much, that it inflicted breathing problems. Three sessions made the gland shrink back to standard size and the patient lose 6kg of weight and regain joy. The most surprising fact is that the method of Dr Victor Żenni proves efficient in
cases of depression.

A clear proof may be the case of Adam K. who had suffered from recurrent severe depression that ruined his life for 10 years. He was unable to work and support himself and the debts resulted in bailiff visiting his flat. Even most basic activities like going to the shop were a huge problem to him, paralyzed by anxiety and imagination that produced horrendous visions.
He used to be on powerful psychotropic drugs before he even got to Dr Żenni. But right after the first electrostimulation session he felt a surge of new life forces. After four meetings he recorded a new will to live and reduced the drug doses to minimum. Afterwards, he was able to get back to his job.
Those measurable successes are backed up not only by written account of the patients, but also by forwarded medical transcripts, with the above-mentioned case of 10-year recurring depression giving hope to those who are struggling to cope with the disease for years. The academic medicine has never given them the chance, but now right before this issue of ‘The World Unknown’ was printed the healer promised to help young people with depression and suicidal disposition free of charge.

Victor Żenni claims that his method is efficient with many types of diseases, including experienced improvement in cases of persistent pains, allergy, after-stroke paralysis, menopausal problems and obesity. It seems that this non-invasive painless technique can play an important role in the range of natural therapies.
In 2001, ‘The World Unknown’ effected a meeting of Victor Żenni, doctors and patients that recovered as a result of the electrostimulation method. The healer gave a presentation of the device and a speech on his achievements so far. Cooperation was not concluded then, however, out of multiple reasons.
Though the mechanism of the efficiency of the Zenni method has not been explained yet, the fact that the therapy can help children with cerebral palsy cannot be ignored. Parents are often discouraged by lack of improvement in their children in spite of ongoing rehabilitation. The thyroid diseases are hard to cure as well, with the majority of inflicted people having to cope with them indefinitely. The depression and Basedow disease have been already mentioned, too. Hence it is extremely good that a new therapy appeared in the realm of non-conventional medicine that can improve the condition of people who cannot be helped by traditional medicine.

Photos by: ‘The World Unknown’
Victor Żenni lives in Kraśnik and sees his patients in multiple cities and regions of Poland. Contact is available by mobile phone: +48 603 887 868. You can also schedule a visit using one of the following phone numbers: Warsaw (022) 620 52 68 or (022) 652 92 34 (Re-Curo), Krakow (012) 632 65 75 (Natura), Gdynia (058) 699 72 00 (Genesis-Spa), and Lublin (081) 825 10 70 (Medycyna Fizykalna)