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Here are the press articles related to Mr Zenni's method of treatment of thyroid, the cerebral palsy and other diseases. Most of them are translated from Polish to English.

The Zenni Method | Viktor Zenni

The Zenni Method

Victor Zenni, an Australian physical therapist, has been operating in Poland for three years now. He developed a method of electrostimulation of the central neural system, called now the Zenni method, and applied it during his practice in Australia since 1991. American and Japanese displayed interest in the development, following his demonstrations in Tokyo and in the US, in Shealy Institute in Springfield and at the Colombo University, among other places. Many years of practice have confirmed that application of mild electrical impulses to specific body regions can bring about improvement in children afflicted with cerebral palsy as well as in adults dealing with aftermath of cerebral haemorrhage or stroke. The method can be helpful in cases of neurological diseases, thyroid overgrowth, backbone-related problems, persistent pains, several internal organic diseases and menopausal disorders. Furthermore, undergoing a treatment involving this method helps in relieving such conditions as anxiety states, depression, neurosis, obesity, overweight, anorexia nervosa and various kinds of addictions.

Mild electrical impulses

The atmosphere in Australia is ripe for development of natural medicine, with many study centers, schools and institutes operating. Many excellent Australian-based natural therapists have already visited Poland, including Ewa Foley and healers invited by her. Wiktor Żenni moved to the down under having graduated from the Warsaw University of Technology. There, while working in a Canberra library, he found publications by Richard Bergland proving great powers of a human organism and quoting ways in which one can control his or her body and use direct its forces to achieve self-healing. The Pole was attracted by achievements of the Australian scientist and developed his interest in the area of natural therapeutic procedures. Being an engineer, he started thinking about a project of using mild electrical impulses as a means of therapy, and went on with designing a special device including two electrodes. First he tested the influence of electric current on himself, and after recovering from backbone pains and getting rid of skin discolorations, he decided to expand the testing field. More and more opportunities appeared to check the device, helping his mother and relatives first, and then moving to other volunteers with health problems. Later, he decided his method to be called the ‘Zenni method’, nicknaming it after his surname, but getting rid of the dot above ‘Z’, lost somewhere on its voyage around the world.

It has been Viktor Żenni’s dream to help the children struck with cerebral palsy, as their disabilities are usually a tough nut to crack even for the best qualified doctors. Gradually, the number of his little patients increased. The Australian doctors exhibited interest in his method as well, and one of the local newspapers, “The West Australian”, issued an article stating that thanks to the Zenni method, the condition of children with cerebral palsy can be permanently improved. A few years ago, the method received a patent from the Australian Patent Bureau.

Stimulation to the self-defence forces of the organism

There is no kind of magic or conjuring in the therapy devised by Wiktor Żenni. Positive impact of a variety of impulses on a human organism has been known since the ancient times and confirmed by scientific research, though the precise mechanisms that control the health are not fully explained yet. Stimulation, motion, muscle contraction and an impulse sent to the brain are sometimes essential for the proper functioning of a human body. Acupuncture or its more modern version of electroacupuncture, the Voll method (stimulating the acupuncture points on the patient’s skin with electrical impulses), the Vojta method (helping children with cerebral palsy by transferring tactile stimuli generated by mild pressure applied onto selected body areas to the brain) or even music therapy (acting with the rhythm and vibrations provided by music) are no more than effecting influence on the organism and its various parts, like the nervous system, brain, energy channels or even single cells, by different forms of energy. The result is stimulation of internal self-defence forces and activation of natural immunological processes. In other words, a person starts healing oneself. The same is a goal of the Zenni endocrinal stimulation method, hence the treatment available with the Polish- Australian therapist improve blood circulation, vitality and psychical condition of the patient, at the same time restoring strength and joy to them.

They regain mobility and vitality

Having spent many years in Australia, Wiktor Żenni returned to his homeland to help his compatriots. One of his patients was little Kasia, born prematurely during seventh month of pregnancy. When she was 10 months old, the doctors discovered symptoms of cerebral palsy in her, an illness that might have resulted in immobilizing the girl on a wheelchair or a bed in the future. Neither medical treatment nor rehabilitation gave satisfactory results, so a doctor recommended extremely costly injections and, if they would not help, an operation. The desperate mother sought help with the therapist from Australia, and today she admits being extremely grateful for having made that choice. After just two sessions Kasia was able to sit on her own, while after the third one – she stood up. Her squint disappeared and now she is able to walk and became a fit, independent girl.

A six-year-old Pawełek from Hrubieszów was born with a damaged optic nerve. The doctors were unanimous in saying that an operation of the eye was inevitable. Yet it was impossible to schedule the treatment, as the boy was ill all the time, with colds followed by a cough and the other way round and as little as sweating enough for him to catch a new infection. For two years the operation was postponed. Finally his mother got to know about the Zenni method. She went to see Wiktor Żenni unconvinced about the treatment, but wanting to try out all the possibilities. Just a few sessions were sufficient for Pawełek to improve his immunity to infection. Now he plays football, rides a bike, runs soaked in the rain and nothing bad happens. The operation is still being postponed, though, as his sight is better and better.

Ms. Anna T., a psychologist, is grateful for enabling her to conquer obesity and related diabetes and reducing her thyroid size back to normal. ‘After three sessions I lost 6kg, my belly was smaller and the thyroid became less noticeable. I feel well and I have lots of strength and energy. I am taking my diabetes medicine only two times a day now, instead of three, and still have no trouble with the blood sugar levels.’

Victor Zenni helped Ms. Dorota P. from Kopytów to get rid of thyroid problems as well. ‘I was being treated for thyroid problems for 4 years. At the beginning, I noticed some improvement, but the started feeling worse and worse. The thyroid started to gain in size, I was strangling and suffered from heart palpitation. Less than half a year ago I have started sessions with Mr. Zenni. Since that time, the thyroid size has been reduced, I have stopped to experience palpitation and my mood improved as well. And I’m not taking any drugs since when I started the sessions.’

Depression is another serious illness of our times. Often the ones that suffer from it are people who, seemingly, have successful lives with good financial status, careers etc. And in spite of that they suddenly lock themselves up in their homes and lose willingness to act or to live. They become moody, unbearable to their relatives or apathetic, suffer from insomnia, and physiological disorders such as headaches, nausea or breathlessness and stuff themselves with psychotropic drugs. And the Australian-Polish therapist restored the joys of life to many such patients with depression. One of them, a writer and journalist, confesses:
‘I have suffered from a severe recurrent depression for ten years. Due to job-related problems with finding new orders and personal ones my health deteriorated so much that I was unable to do my work, that is – to write. I lost my sources of income, then had to take out some debts, the housing community threatened to throw me and my family out of the flat we were living in. I started treatment with a doctor recommended by friends, who agreed to take no money from me until I get out of troubles. Still I was unable to do that and everything in my life was collapsing. The illness had many symptoms. I lost the motivation to engage in any kind of activity and struggled to maintain contacts with my housemates. I was moody, then apathetic. All nights long I kept thinking up catastrophic visions. Due to the depression I was not able to think logically. Following a friend’s recommendation, I went to see Mr. Zenni. After the first session, which took only about a quarter of an hour, I felt a surge of vital energy. Still, I was not convinced about the effectiveness of the method, thinking that the improvement was due to mere self-suggestion. But then the healing power of electric impulses in the Zenni method proved its strength throughout the sessions to follow. After four of them, I am another person. My willingness to live is back, I started to read and wrote several essays, agreed for a meeting with readers. I also went off psychotropic drugs, now taking a maximum of one pill a day. Life is beautiful.’

The device is as small as a suitcase

The method does not involve use of drugs, Mr. Żenni stresses. ‘If the doctors prescribe some pharmaceuticals to my patient, I don’t recommend ceasing to use them without further consultation with a specialist.’ The therapist currently lives in Kraśnik near Lublin and sees his patients in Hrubieszów and Zamość, with his main practice being located in Nałęczów (Australian-Polish Center for Revitalization). One can meet him in other locations, too, during fairs, festivals and other promotional events related to natural medicine. He is able to run a session everywhere – all he needs is the electrostimulation device, contained in one small suitcase.

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