We are delighted to share the following articles with you. Each highlights conditions that we have had success with through therapy with the Zenni Method. We will be updating these articles on a regular basis so please check back frequently.

Zenni Method in Essence | Viktor Zenni

Zenni Method in Essence

Zenni Method is a method of treatment via electrostimulation of central nervous system, using the Bernard currents.
Zenni Method was worked out in Australia and in 1990 and registered in the Australian Patent Office. The Australian media - "The West Australian", "Sunday Times", "Health Arena", TV-channel 9, Radio 3 x J, informed about the successes of this method while treating the cases incurable by convential methods.


CP treated by electrostimulation of paralysed regions of brain brings distinct, permanent improvement especially in the case of spastic bilateral paralysis. Also children suffering from flaccid paralysis are better - they start sitting without being supported. After the therapy by Zenni method, also the speech and intellectual functions improve - children start to understand school level sentences.
Dr Viktor Zenni /doctor of physical medicine/, conducts the courses for guardians of children suffering from CP in which he teaches the electrostimulation, which is applied individually depending on brain damage.
The Zenni Method uses the most effective and safe combinations of Bernard's currents. In CP Doctor Zenni recommends the stimulation once a week using the Diatronic apparatus - 7B, by E & E company.