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40 minutes with Victor Zenni | Viktor Zenni

40 minutes with Victor Zenni

It is the time of one session with a patient, during which the therapist - Victor Zenni applies electrodes on the patient's forehead, nape and other disordered places of the patient in order to stimulate a nervous system and brain through emitting electric impulses - using so called Bernard's currents. Pole, who had lived for many years in Australia and currently is practicing in his homeland, is a creator of a novel physiotherapy method. This method effectively helps people suffering from thyroid and Graves-Basedow's diseases, children suffering from cerebral palsy and patients suffering from depression and afflicted with pain. Creator of the Zenni method, who registered it under that name at the Australian Patent Office in 1990, would like other therapists to use the method, because even first treatments give patients a considerable relief. Victor Zenni, who obtained for his achievements a title of Doctor of Philosophy at the Colombo University, is a man of passion. His passion is to help people to recover. Viktor Zenni
I talk to Victor Zenni in his therapeutic office in Warsaw… He is concentrated and at the same time warm in his manner and open to all the questions. He treats thirty patients daily, who come for treatments from all over Poland and foreign countries.

Is your physiotherapy method an alternative to lancet and surgery?

- Absolutely. Americans has discovered it and I have developed it in my method that there are too few electric impulses in the diseased organs, for example: liver, thyroid, cells. Thus, my idea is to complete them from the outside source. I applied Bernard's currents for brain stimulation. Bernard's currents are known for 50 years and they are used in physiotherapy for spine treatment. However, until the time of my discovery they were not used for brain stimulation. First, I tested my Zenni method on myself and my family, and then on the patients. My aim is not only to use it but also to disseminate it for patients' well-being.

Do you think that advantages of unconventional medicine and physiotherapy are sufficiently appreciated in Poland in comparison, for example, to the situation in Australia?

- There is considerable a greater consciousness of advantages of the natural medicine, or as it is also called unconventional medicine, in Australia than in Poland. Therefore, media quickly picked up the meaning of my method and they spread around the cases of cured patients. Currently everywhere, also in Australia and in Poland, pharmaceutical companies pressure physicians really hard to treat long and expensively, to recommend quickly surgeries, while - which is confirmed by my practice- very often modern physiotherapy can quickly and effectively cure some diseases. An academic medicine is a great business today and pharmaceutical companies decide on the method of physicians' education. Even education of physiotherapists is a subject to the limitations and control of the pharmaceutical lobby, which causes lack of innovation and progress in this field. Using of Bernard's currents, recommended by physiotherapy text books, means only one minute treatments. Physiotherapist applies electrodes, often not having knowledge in which direction current runs. He sets the clock and leaves the room to drink some coffee. As you can see, I control currents, which according to my method, are used for brain stimulation. Measurable therapeutic successes carried out with Zenni method are confirmed by letters of many patients and documentation that they are submitted. One of the patients, Violetta Stepien writes: "Three years ago I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. Pharmacological treatment at the TSH level of 15, physicians began with 50mg of Euthyrox. Until the last summer TSH was equal to 29.4 with the 200mg dosage of medicine... Three years of the hormonal treatment, with which I was treated by endocrinologists, caused that from a normal 35 years old woman I became a whale. I gained 30kg! I became heavy, slow and all the time dissatisfied and sleepy. I do not know, what affected my brain that despite of the discouragement and lack of faith I came to see you, doctor. I am already after three current stimulations. After a first visit, I began to sleep without snoring. In the morning I was waking up without awful sore throat. Second stimulation helped me to get rid of face and legs' swelling, which caused my skin to be red, gleaming and stretched to its limits. Third visit at your office became a proof that I am regaining health. I did a TSH control test before visit at the endocrinologist's. It was 1.8. I had never such sensational TSH results before, thus I assumed that laboratory test was erroneous. I repeated it and the results were confirmed! Since three years, the results are for a first time within the limits. I know now for sure that it was you, who have helped me. I am sure that thyroid level was aligned by you. You will help me to return to my prior appearance and weight."

Such letter and many more with similar words of gratitude are the measure of your success in applying the Zenni method. Do you think about yourself as a "wonder-worker"?

- Nothing of the kind, let's forget this word. My method is pure, wise, modern physiotherapy of the 21st century; it is physiotherapy of the future. The most important matter is to humanly treat a suffering man. He has to feel that therapist cares for him and treatments are not only to wheedle his money. When I see that applying of my method does not help - for example with multiple sclerosis - I do not undertake the treatment. If people with Parkinson's disease come to see me, I warn them that my therapy method influences improvement of the patient's state, but because nervous system is damaged, there is no cure. I act only then, when I know that positive results can be achieved and sometimes it is astonished how quick the results in the health improvement can be.
First patient with the Basedow's disease, treated by Victor Zenni in Poland, was Renata Krolicka from Ostrołęka. She writes: "I have suffered from Graves-Basedow's disease for five years. At the beginning, I was treated radioactively and later on with steroids, hormones, etc., and the disease still was not cured. What is worse, new symptoms appeared. Situation was not improving until I met you. I have to admit that I had doubts after the first session even though I noticed some positive reaction to the therapy. Fortunately, after the next session I was aware of making a good decision and I became convinced that I am in good hands. My sharpness of vision improved and I did not suffer from constantly unstable moods. Moreover, I have lost some weight and condition of my hands, legs and face considerably improved. I underwent the next sessions and I feel really good. My dreams and perspectives for the future came back. I would like to say that I am really grateful to you for your help. In my opinion, you not only heal people but you also give them a sense of dignity, which is necessary for human existence. I will recommend your therapy to all, who suffer from the Basedow's disease. Your new method will allow them to avoid nightmare that I had to share."

You are surely aware that by proposing alternative to lancet, you expose yourself to the surgeons?

- I am not afraid of that, because I know that I can help ill people. I have a fourteen years old patient, whom physicians recommended to remove the thyroid. After third stimulation with my method, her thyroid hides and her hands are calming down. She gained 5kg and she forgot the surgery. If she did not undergo the treatment and chose surgery, she would be maimed for life...
Barbara Malarz, who lives in Hannover, was desperate with no satisfactory results in the treatment of the Basedow's disease that was recommended by her local physicians. Despite of taking numerous medications, she was so weakened that she could not eat a slice of bread. She had swollen eyelids, constantly red eyes and her face was deformed. She describes: "With each day, my eyelids dropped more and more and as a result of it I was not able to close my eyes while sleeping. Applied treatments did not lead to any improvement. I lost my hope. Some day, I have read an article on your new method. It was hard for me to believe that one person would be able to find a treatment for my disease in such short time, whereas tens of specialists tried to do it without any positive results for over two years. I was so desperate that I decided to come to see you in Cracow. Dear doctor Zenni, I have finished my last session one month ago and I feel that my health improved. I can see it, when I look at myself in the mirror and I feel it after waking up, when I open my eyes and they did not hurt me anymore. I know now, how much pain I would avoid, if I met you one year or two years earlier."
In Warsaw's therapeutic office of Victor Zenni I meet a young beautiful woman and I am surprised, when I learn that she had suffered from the Basedow's disease. "But one cannot tell that, while looking at you" - I blurt out a comment. Julia Szukina, a Russian, who lives and works in Germany, smiles: "Right now after six stimulations of Dr. Zenni my disease indeed regressed. I got ill six years ago and unfortunately German specialists were not able to help me. I was desperate. Currently blood tests show that the level of hormones and antibodies are within the limits, eyes reversed themselves to their place and do not hurt anymore. Now, I come for sessions at doctor Zenni's in Warsaw in order to improve shape of my eyelids."
When I ask doctor Zenni how he popularizes his method among therapists, he answers: I have trained a few persons in Australia and Europe. But the training takes time and it is connected with some expenses. Thus, everything is still before me.

I wonder what life roads did lead you to dedicate such a great passion to the physical medicine and physiotherapy?

- I am conscious of the time limitation of our existence on this planet and I treat helping people to regain their health and return to work as a specific mission. I was raised in the doctor's office of my grandmother, who had a title of Doctor of Philosophy in surgery and gynecology. My mother was a dentist. I saw how they cared for people, they were called upon to do this and they did not treat their patients - how it happens now very often - only as their income source. It so happened that I chose to study at the technical university, but I quickly learned that I did not want to practice my educated profession. Travels attracted me and I have found my life and professional roads in Australia, where I committed to treatment with my physiotherapy method. Apparently, it was my destiny. When I learned in Australia that my mother's health state got worse, I fled to Poland and treated her with my method. After my treatment - she was 74 years old at that time - she said: it is time to enjoy my life. My mother was treated by cardiologists for many years, but she had atrial fibrillation from time to time. During the last period of treatment, her cardiologist suggested the implantation of heart pacemaker. Currently, my mother is 88 years old, she stopped taking all the heart medications and she feels very good.

Are you an idealist?

- No, I am a realist and businessman, but simultaneously, I care for people and I treat many patients for free. I treat young people with suicidal thoughts for free in my offices in Warsaw, Cracow and Lublin. In those cases, level of sterotemine in the brain abruptly decreases and the therapy with the Zenni method stimulates it and cures the depression.

Did you suffer from the depression yourself?

- Of course, it happens sometimes. If I feel depressed, I treat myself with the stimulation and it passes away.

What are your plans for the nearest future?

- Right now, I am going to go to Australia for a month, where I will meet my sons, enjoy this wonderful country and relax.
But I also have a professional aim. I have invited an excellent physiotherapist and chiropractor, Ryszard Tomaszewski, and we would like to present advantages of my therapy in the nursing homes. Pensioners, who live there, are stuffed with psychotropic medications all the time so they would be obedient. After all, their quality of life can be much better, if instead of taking those medications they had a possibility to improve their health and to boost energy by undergoing a modern physiotherapy. After returning to Poland, I will have a clear goal. I would like to create with Ryszard Tomaszewski a nursery home, which we will call a health home, where elder people would live benefiting from the physiotherapy treatments by the Zenni method. It would be an Australian-Polish home, because as I know, there are elder Australians and Poles with Australian citizenship, who would like to move to Poland to such facility. Problem of health and life quality of the elder people becomes more and more important in the world. I deeply believe that modern physiotherapy is an essential answer to the health problems not only of Poles but also Australians. I hope that we will begin to organize our Health Home in the area of Warsaw this year.
Interviewed Ewa Boniecka.
Elity, nr 1/2 (18) 2005