We are delighted to share the following articles with you. Each highlights conditions that we have had success with through therapy with the Zenni Method. We will be updating these articles on a regular basis so please check back frequently.

Letters from my patients | Viktor Zenni

Letters from my patients

Here we would like to present some letters which Victor Zenni recieved from his patients. Many of them are the testimony of successful treatment by the Zenni Method.

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Gdynia, 24.08.2004

My problems with the thyroid gland started around two years ago and they have recently started to be more intense so I had some medical examinations - USG, TSM, FT4. Unfortunately, the results were not the optimistic ones.I went to the endocrinologist in Gdańsk - from the diagnosis it appeared that after a short treatment and the normalization of hormones level - the only way proposed by the doctor was the surgical intervention.I went to another endocrinologist and similarly, was offered a surgical intervention or the iodine therapy (if the results of biopsy allow).At the same time (March 2004) my close friend told me about dr Zenni method and about the thyroid treatment.Having not believe in such methods still, I went there. It was hard for me to believe in any results of this method - because I work in the public health service - I am a nurse. After four sessions I had the USG done - the doctor ascertained that the thyroid gland had already become smaller. I would go for the sessions once a month (2 sessions each time) since March 2004.In July I had another USG done and the doctor who conducted the examination ascertained that the size of thyroid gland has decreased significantly. The volume of the thyroid from 25 ml dropped to 15 ml (when the norm is 10 ml). The nodule from the size of 4,7 x 2,2 cm became smaller to the size of 2,5 x 1,5 cm.Apart from it, I feel much more comfortable and have got a faith that avoiding a surgical intervention is still possible. My physical appearance is better as well - the change on my neck is nearly not visible.

Thank you very much
Elżbieta Falkowska - USG Result Page (English Translation)

Lublin, 14 April, 2005

Mr Victor Zenni


I would like to express my appreciation for carrying out the thyroid gland stimulations which I had started in August 2004.After six sessions, my health have improved. The result of ultrasonography examination dated on 17.02.2005 shows that the right lobe as well as the left one have significantly become smaller. Moreover - from the left lobe the nodule disappeared which in August 2004 was of 10 mm in diameter. On the other hand, two nodules within the right lobe have become smaller by half. During the treatment I did not take any medicines.

Thank you
Ewa Kołodziej - USG Result Page (English Translation)

Warsaw, 2005-06-13
Dear Sir Dr Victor Zenni

I am currently benefiting from the dr Zenni stimulations using the Barnard currents method in connection to my thyroid illness (two nodules on both lobes).After three stimulations the feeling of pressure on the trachea have stopped, I feel that the nodules are smaller, on the right side they cannot be even felt palpable.At the moment I am after five stimulations altogether and feel such a great psychical comfort. I used to be a nervous, reserved kind of person. After each stimulation I had noticed that my state of mind was much more clear. Having been more brave, I cannot be manipulated so easily now, thus I am able to stick to my own opinions and to be more assertive. I was longing for such courage and the ability of saying 'NO'; now I do not have problems in doing it at all.I do know that it all happened thanks to those currents.Thanks so much that I have come across such a great person and this way avoided the thyroidectomy. Additionally to this I have my mental life fixed.

With Kind thanks - Grateful Patient

Teresa Pietrzak

BIAŁYSTOK 2005.05.12
Dear Mr Dr Wiktor Zenni
Thank you so much for carrying out the thyroid gland stimulation, which I had started in January 2005.
After four stimulations I feel more comfortable, sleep much better and the thyroid "throttles" me less often.
The result of ultrasonography examination dated on 6.05.2005 shows that the right lobe as well as the left one has become smaller.
During the treatment I did not take any medicine. Again, I want to thank you heartily.
With regards
BARBARA NOWAK - USG Result Page 1 (English Translation) - USG Result Page 2 (English Translation)

Mr Victor Zenni
I have been suffering from hyperthyroidism for many years, for 6 years I am under constant control of an endocrinologist but my thyroid gland did not respond to the treatment. After two stimulations in dr Zenni's office, there was an improvement concerning all parameters of thyroid gland and that could be clearly seen on the USG examination results dated on May 2005.
Only after the first stimulation I could breathe more easily (retrosternal thyroid gland), I feel great relief.
Zofia Marcowska - USG Result Page (English Translation)

Lublin, 2005.05.15
Dear Doctor Zenni
Today my desire is to impart a piece of news with you. Such news is a result of comparing two USG examinations.
As you may probably remember I have had 5 sessions in your office; after the 4th one I had the USG examination done and it came out that comparing it with the first USG from the previous year, the thyroid lobes have become smaller and they are of normal size now. In the right lobe two nodules have disappeared and the other three became smaller by 3 to 7 mm. In the left lobe there were 4 nodules, only one still remains.
I am so pleased with this state, maybe there will be a further improvement and the remaining nodules - still pretty large - would also disappear. Maybe I would manage to avoid the operation, of which I am in deadly fear.
Also I am really glad to find in the outpatient department the leaflet about the treatment of thyroid illness (hyperthyroidism in my case) by non surgical intervention method. Thanks so much that you have the desire to help the other people.
With kind thanks
Ewa Bartnik - USG Result Page 1 (English Translation) - USG Result Page 2 (English Translation)