We are delighted to share the following articles with you. Each highlights conditions that we have had success with through therapy with the Zenni Method. We will be updating these articles on a regular basis so please check back frequently.

Modern physiotherapy | Viktor Zenni

Modern physiotherapy

I am not concealing that I was rather skeptical to the rapture with the therapy used by Victor Zenni. Two years ago, still in the editorial office at Twarda Street, we had organized a meeting with the therapist and presentation of the Zenni method, but it did not break my distrust at all. I already saw many "miraculous apparatuses" and methods. I thought that it is next ephemera. Since then, I carefully monitored information on the effects of this method.
Diadynamic Bernard's currents are used in the physiotherapy since several tens years, among others in the spine, joint and tendon rehabilitation and as support in treatment of ischialgia. Victor Zenni, who had lived in Australia for years, developed his own and unique method of usage of those currents for a stimulation of the central nervous system and internal organs such as: thyroid, liver, stomach, pancreas and intestines. He based his method on the discoveries of the American scientists.
First, he experimented with himself and his family. When the studies were confirmed, he began to work with this method with his patients and next in 1990 he has registered it at the Australian Patent Office.
Children's cerebral palsy
One has to admit that he can "appease" and prepare to the therapy not only adults but also little patients, which is not that easy, especially in case of those children, who suffer from the cerebral palsy.
One session lasts forty minutes. Victor Zenni makes patient to sit comfortable and then puts him on the electrodes on his forehead, nape and places responsible for a particular disease. During the session he carefully observes reactions, ask the questions and if necessary he decreases or increases intensity of the currents.
After the stimulation of the central nervous system, condition of children suffering from the light cerebral palsy improves visibly and permanently. In severer cases, Dr. Zenni teaches their guardians how to execute stimulations once a week. Parents have at their disposition a modified apparatus of Bernard's currents and their abilities.
Whereas, therapy of the nagging pain, stomach ulcer, fatty liver (after 4 stimulations, liver of Dr. Jerzy S. from Grodzisk Mazowiecki got back to normal) can be done by persons trained by Victor Zenni. But the most important are the effects. Thanks to the Zenni method already several tens of children avoided surgery of Achilles tendon prolongation.
It cannot be excused with the suggestion. It is visible with the naked eye. Therefore, I am not surprised that mothers spread the information on this method among themselves through the grapevine.
Thyroid diseases
The Zenni method shows also visible effects in the thyroid diseases, especially in the Basedow disease. "After a few sessions at Victor Zenni's, my eyes stopped to ache and got back to their place. Level of the hormones stabilized, which is confirmed with multiply tests" - says the former patient, who brought with her a girlfriend suffering from the hyperthyroidism.
- ""After three treatments, the thyroid (both lobes) decreases. I can exist normally. I do not have suffocations any more. I do not toil up the stairs to the fourth floor - writes Henryka O. from Lublin. - I am attaching test results prior to the visits at your office and after that. The improvement is undoubted. Thank you that you has modified this apparatus for the Bernard's currents and developed your own method, which brings back health and normal appearance, which is very important to each woman." The Zenni method also helps with depressions, which, as it is known, escalate in the autumn and winter.
Kind of incidentally, because of being a guinea pig, I have discovered that the method, which I had treated with such distrust, also sooths cold effects, eliminates persistent cough and sore throat.
I have experienced it personally, and I am writing about this, because a season of autumnal colds is getting closer.
A. G.
Czwarty Wymiar, 11/2005