We are delighted to share the following articles with you. Each highlights conditions that we have had success with through therapy with the Zenni Method. We will be updating these articles on a regular basis so please check back frequently.

Cerebral Palsy | Viktor Zenni

Cerebral Palsy


Magda Stachyra of Krasnik, Poland. Being 7 year old she was unable to stand and hardly walked with her mum Joanna's support. Doctors had recommended a number of surgical procedures such as extension of Magda's tendons and hip joints "repairment".
After seven months of treatment by the Zenni method Magda can now walk with some assistance. Her mum says that her hand co-ordination is much better and that finally Magda can hug her mother, which is something she has never been able to do before.
"She is much more resistant to infections, she sleeps much better /we previously had problems with her not being able to sleep/ "says Joanna Stachyra.
"Of course we haven't ceased her exercises, but she exercised continuously before her treatment with brain electrostimulation and she never showed such good effect as she does now.
Because of her ability to walk her hip joints are now much stronger. You can clearly see the improvement on her x ray's.
Bogumila Mitura of Kock, Poland. Being five year old. Because of cerebral palsy she was unable to stretch her fingers or bend knees.
Here, after eight weeks of treatment by the Zenni Method she enjoys pushbike ride.


Mateusz Burek of Opole Lubelskie, Poland. Being nine year old was unable to seat independently. His ayes were crossed and knees unable to bend.
After eight weeks of therapy by the Zenni Method Mateusz is able to seat independently, he is much more self-konfident and happy. Now it is possible to streach his legs more than previousely. Ayes have been improved.
After four month stimulation (one per week), Maciek Kosiak of Pulawy is able to ride a pushbike.
"Thanks to Viktor Zenni therapy my son has changed his mental attitude. He is brave, not affraid to try new movements and not frightened of loud voices as he used to be." - Has stated his mother Agnieszka.




Viktor Zenni is a head of the Assosiation ARKA which is aimed at the therapy of CP. If you want to see the detailed information about it in PDF

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