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Viktor Zenni and his method | Viktor Zenni

Viktor Zenni and his method

He is on the list of 102 of the best healers of the "Uzdrawiacz" magazine
In Australia he proved the effectiveness of his treatment method by using in an innovative way Bernard's current that have been known for 55 years and by obtaining the degree of Doctor of Sciences granted by the Senate of the University of Colombo. The work on the discovery took 20 years in Australia. The Zenni method has been applied in Poland for 9 years.
- Its possibilities are still not known because all the time it turns out that it is effective in many diseases. Thanks to the method patient avoid operations and pharmacological treatment of numerous diseases - says Viktor Zenni.
Normally the Zenni's method is particularly effective in the following cases:
- it regulates the work of thyroid and hormones level, it reduces hyperthropied lobes and removes little tumours.
- It heals Graves-Basedow disease significantly reducing the accompanying protrusion of the eyeballs (even by 70% or more) and accompanying unpleasant symptoms.
- It stimulates the brain healing paralysis after the stroke, it combats cerebral palsy, eliminates depression and suicide thoughts.
- It heals pancreatitis, hepatitis, stomach ulceration, bladder ulceration, renal cysts, disease of varicose veins and backbone pains.
The Zenni method activates via electrostimulation protective functions of the organism and makes a disease recede. Just because of that it is so much effective and has a universal application. Its revolutionary effectiveness is evidenced by patients' cases described by them on the website , and also letters supported with documentation, among others in the form of USG results, mammography, blood analysis results. They make it possible to see how quickly little tumours, cysts, oedemas are reduced or even disappear, and hormones level and antibodies are compensated.
- Ms Dorota (from Warsaw) suffering from the Graves-Basadow disease already after the first stimulation felt considerable improvement and relief; - my eyes retraced by 90%. While sleeping they were no longer open and I could see better, and compression and pain disappeared together with reddening. So I regained faith that somebody and something can help me, but I am sceptical and I underwent this method without much conviction because none of the present treatments produced any results.
- Anna W. from Białystok - a doctor sent me to a thyroid removal surgery. After electrostimulations he came to the conclusion that it is not needed, because apart from cysts reduction, examinations indicated a uniform thyroid structure. After two stimulations the cyst was reduced from 3.2 cm to 1.8 cm.
- An engineer from the Military Technical Academy in Warsaw - the area of the elbow became affected by a necrosis. There appeared the so called "proud flesh" and surgeons did not decide to operate on me. Just after the first stimulation the area diminished to the size of a pea grain, and after the second one to the size of black pepper. At the same time also the tumour in my nose decreased.
- A 29-year old patient from Wejherowo who has suffered from cerebral palsy from his birth states: - since I started using the treatment with the Zenni method, the tension of my muscles has lessened and movements have become easier.
- Anna: I had 4 little thyroid tumours, 5-centimetre tumour on the liver and a cyst on a kidney. After six stimulations I did a USG examination. Everything has disappeared.
- Our 13-year old son has suffered from asthma and after each severe fit he landed in hospital. He had to take inhalants all the time. Having undergone recently six stimulations with the Zenni method, a surprisingly fast improvement has been observed - full breathing, and as a result oxidation and high physical fitness. Before he did not have enough oxygen, he could not run. Now for the first time he has been able to run and even without medicines. Stimulation has also produced positive influence on the learning progress, on the improvement of concentration powers and behaviour - writes Joshome's father from Australia.
- a 11-year old girl was diagnosed with a nodular goiter, and a few years later there appeared tumours. She had an enormous neck, she was overtired and was sweating all the time. After the third treatment the tumours diminished by a half centimeter, the hormones level normalized and the daughter became calmer and stopped sweating. Effects were so outstanding that the endocrinologist decided to discontinue taking medicines. I learned the method, I bought the device and at present I perform stimulations on my own. It is convenient because I don't have to come to Warsaw from Białystok for treatments. I also treated my other daughter's chronic colds and nasal catarrh with two stimulations. Since we started using the Zenni method we have no longer fallen ill and we don't have to take any tablets - says Jolanta Jakubowska.
- Katarzyna O. from Warsaw: 20 years ago I had a much enlarged thyroid (one lobe had the length of 10 cm, and another one - 8 cm) and I awaited an operation. After 12 stimulations there was a decrease of 40%, each lobe decreased to the size of 6 cm. I didn't feel choking and burning in the throat (I didn't take medicines). At the same time chronic catarrh disappeared and sinuses were healed. There was a general improvement, my hands stopped sweating and I sleep better.
- Another patient with a thyroid tumour, in which cancerous cells were diagnosed, surprising effects ensued after the fourth stimulation. The tumour diminished significantly and cancerous cells disappeared.
- My daughter suffered from nephrosclerosis, there were potential dialyses ahead because she had swellings due to urine retention, which was coupled with a long-year inflammatory state, albuminuria. After stimulations kidney started working, their efficiency increased up to 33% (the first one) and to 70% (the second one), TSH normalized, urination is normal, and swellings disappeared (by 19 kg). There is no protein in the urine. - says the mother of 24-year old Agata from Warsaw.
- Also an 11-year-old boy having a similar problem avoided transplantation, since his inefficient kidneys started working and attained a normal size.
Viktor Zenni teaches patients his method ( via a modified device generating Bernard's currents, which are known in conventional medicine (physiotherapy surgeries). His invention named the Zenni Method consists in an innovative use of the currents for stimulation of internal organs.
The Zenni Method arouses more and more interests among doctors, in particular the ones who after the application of the Zenni Method noticed a significant improvement or complete healing.
At present Viktor Zenni runs physical medicine cabinets in a few cities.
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