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Morbus Basedov | Viktor Zenni

Morbus Basedov

Graves-Basedow is an abbreviated name for a disease resulting in hyperthyroidism or a diffuse hypertrophy of the thyroid. The symptoms include protrusion of the eyeballs, goiter, fast heartbeat, excessive sweating, loss of strength, faster metabolism. The extreme cases can be treated only by means of an operation.
Barbara Malarz lives in Hannover. She has moved to Germany many years ago and worked there as a draftsperson. She has always been resourceful and energetic, putting her ideas into life, and served as an example of perfect health for her family and friends, with everybody admiring her vitality.
- 'But towards the end of 1990s, something strange started happening to my organism,' the now 45-year-old woman tells us. - 'I was feeling weaker and weaker, tired all the time - but the most visible symptom indicating that something was wrong was that I lost weight - and over 20% of it during a 4 month period.'

Worried with all that, she started visiting doctors, but each of them provided a different diagnosis. One of them even prescribed her pills to improved metabolism and ordered her to eat more, instead of starving. 'But I was not on a diet!' - Barbara recollects. - 'And still I did not know why I was losing weight and life strength. Month after month, year after year - I was always more detached and dejected. Finally, I managed to find a specialist that did throughout medical tests and determined that my thyroid was responsible for all the trouble.' The diagnosis proved accurate - the hyperfunction of the gland soon resulted in a swelling over her throat.
'I started taking some drugs, but they did not really help.' - Barbara says. - 'The doctor was unambiguous as to the fact, that the only effective treatment available to me was an operation to remove the thyroid. Taking into account my condition, I should have undergone the operation as soon as possible, but I was terribly afraid.'

Nevertheless, the troubles continued intensifying. The worst from the long list were: depression, weakness and problems with eyes.
'I used to sleep for 16 hours a day, but still woke up exhausted and irritated. I wept without any apparent cause and felt like dying. As a result, my daughter decided to move to another apartment and I lost a job. But that is not all - I could not cope with a terrible protrusion of the eyeballs, making it impossible for me to close the eyes even in my sleep. This is one of symptoms of the so-called Graves-Basedow disease. My eyeballs ached terribly, with each puff of wind adding to my suffering. I was able to sleep only when I had compresses on my eyes and was unable to wear corrective glasses.' What is more, she was losing her hair rapidly, but was still afraid of the operation. She confesses having read many reports of people who have undergone such treatment and never recovered from the side effects, including violent mood swings.
- 'I searched for help of the alternative medicine, but with no success either. Until the time when a friend of mine gave mi contact details of a Polish doctor, Mr. Żenni, who was said to cure thyroid-related diseases. I followed her recommendation unconvinced, but decided to travel to my homeland.'

Wiktor Żenni conducted three therapeutic sessions, consisting of applying electrodes to the body and emitting electric current using a special device called a sanomatic.
- 'To be honest, I did not notice the changes immediately after the sessions. But a few weeks after my return to Germany a friend of mine made a remark about my eyes looking much better than usually - and she hadn't seen me for quite a long time before that.'
This was the first sign of changes that were about to come. The next one came when Ms. Malarz recorded no more aching in her eyes. Heartened up by the improvement, she went to Poland to undergo further treatment.
'The sessions helped me even more. The protrusion of the eyeballs pulled back. And, finally, I started to have a good sleep once again. My German doctor, to her amazement, saw a considerable decrease in my neck circumference, and, in a series of tests that followed, including a USG scan, a 70% fall of the thyroid volume was recorded. She couldn't believe what she saw and said I had been treated by a wonder-worker.'
Ms. Malarz says her thyroid has been functioning properly for over a year now. She has forgotten her former depression, sleeps well and is full of strength and willingness to continue with her work - that is painting. And as being fascinated by the method that healed her, she is trying to spread the word. Wonders had become reality to her, she says.
Pani Domu, nr 27 (2004)