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Healing asthma | Viktor Zenni

Healing asthma

Perth, March 20, 2007
Dear Dr. Zenni,
This letter is to express my most profound gratitude to you for your kind assistance in recovery from asthma of my 13 years old son - Joshua.
Joshua was first afflicted with asthma at the age of two. Suffering from severe attack of the disease he found himself at hospital. After having taken considerable doses of heavy medicines he used to be back home. But, he has had several recurrences of his illness. Doctors prescribed him inhalations for frequent use what affected functioning of other organs. And this how the story goes.
Only in January, we asked Dr. Viktor Zenni to try his stimulating method on him. In fact, Joshua took six applications altogether.
We are all so obliged to you!!! We all thank you for your wonderful help and wish you a lot of further successes with your treatments.
Janusz Kijak
Perth, West Australia
PS. Stimulation made him progress in his studies followed by improvement in concentration and general conduct as well. J. Kijak 10 Rebecca Court Beldon 6027 WA Ph: (618) 9307-4930.